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School Trip To The Dentist!

A Newsworthy School Trip

We have had the privilege of hosting school trips at our Sylvan Lake location. Jasmine O’Halloran-Han of Sylvan Lake News decided to cover it in our local paper!

Kindergarten students from École Our Lady of the Rosary School learned plenty and enjoyed sitting in our dental chair.

Learning The Basics

“The children learned about the basic essentials of keeping their teeth clean.” Kids learned how to brush, floss, and what foods to eat after a meal to help keep their teeth clean.

“‘A lot of the new fruit roll ups and sticky fruits are very high in sugar and high in fructose. They stick on the teeth. It doesn’t come off so it is staying there for long periods of time as opposed to a real apple or a real strawberry,'” our dental assistant Debbie Bone-Dyck said.

“The visit was a great educational experience. They learned the importance of not only keeping their teeth clean, but how visiting the dentist is not a scary thing.” 

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