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How Athletes Can Protect Their Teeth

4 Tips to Protect Teeth While Playing Sports

1. Use a Sports Guard

From skiing to soccer, wearing a sports guard is a must to protect teeth. In sports like Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer and Lacrosse (to mention a few) players are more likely to sustain injuries to the mouth and face so it’s particularly important to provide teeth protection. Make sure to wear your mouth guard during both games and practices! A Custom Fit sports guard is ideal and can be made with a quick impression of your teeth at your dental clinic.

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If a custom-fit sports guard isn’t an option, you can try a “boil-and-bite” sports guard. These can be found in a sporting-goods store and instructions will show how to heat the plastic to mold around your teeth. Although a step down from a custom fit guard, it does provide a level of protection that is better than no guard.

2. Danger – Sports Drinks!

Reconsider grabbing a sports drink after a game or practice because these beverages can do more harm than good in protecting teeth. Not only are many loaded with sugar, they can be highly acidic, which can weaken your tooth enamel. Drink water to avoid this and stay hydrated. For intense exercise, un-sweetened coconut water is a low-sugar, high-electrolyte alternative packed with nutrients.

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3. Fight Dry Mouth

Strenuous exercise can leave athletes gasping for breath, which is the perfect recipe for a dry mouth. Without enough saliva, food particles that remain allow bacteria to spring up – particularly when paired with sugary sports drinks. Try to have a water bottle handy to hydrate, and think about brushing after a game or practice.

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4. Wearing a Helmet Can Protect Teeth Too

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Wearing a helmet goes a long way in protecting teeth for an athlete. A helmet is a must-have for activities that involve impact or speed. These include hockey, football, skiing, baseball, skating and bike riding. The helmet should fit properly. It should also be appropriate for the sport you are playing.

If you decide you would like a custom Sports guard made for yourself or your child, give us a call today and we can find a time that would work for your schedule!


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